Stuffed Berries

We’ve become accustomed to dipped strawberries, but stuffed berries are a really nice break from tradition.  As I was searching for patriotic desserts for an upcoming event, I found the photo above, which spurned my stuffed berry search, creating several ideas for future dessert tables that you can easily create.

Raspberries Stuffed With Chocolate Chips

Ganache Filled Strawberries With Marzipan Leaves

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Today, I’m testing a few stuffing options for an upcoming small event.  Although stuffed berries aren’t a threat to our beloved traditional dipped berries, they are a wonderful option for inclusion on your  dessert table.


Credits: #1: Our Italian Kitchen; #2:  Saucy’s Sprinkles; #3: Couldn’t Be Parve; #4:  Nutmeg Granny

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